How a Daygamer gets gamed, or when an amateur meets a pro

I have had some fairly strange experiences from daygame but this one might take the cake thus far. I feel like each ‘red flag’ was not a huge giveaway in isolation, but put them all together and it’s clear as day to see that i got played. Has this scenario happened to any other daygamers?

It’s Saturday 13th April, at about midday at a local supermarket in a big shopping mall. I see an attractive, elegantly dressed older (i’d guess around 40) Asian lady in the veg section and approach her – she’s not my usual type (or usual age category) but I was curious and something about her turned me on. She’s got terrible English so we both spoke into her Google Translate app. I told her she looked very different to Newcastle girls (in translate) and she giggled. We had a long hand hold when we exchanged names. She’s said she’s here for work for one week (Here for work yet can’t speak English? First red flag). After two minutes of stilted conversation she hands me her phone and number closes me (second red flag). I call my phone so I’ve got her number. I hand her the phone back and she then walks off quite nonchalantly without saying a word (third red flag)…i’m a bit bamboozled but i figure she must just be feeling a bit awkward about having bad English. 

Because she’s only here for a week so a couple of hours later I cut to the chase and text her “Hi this is Rolando, nice to meet you. Can we meet for a drink?”. She just replies “Hi. (her name)”. I try again “when is good for you to meet?” no response. No dramas, I wasn’t expecting this one to go anywhere.

Fast forward a month later and i get a text at 9pm on a Saturday night (fourth red flag) – “Hey, baby, i don’t see you for a long time, I want to see you”. I ask her if she’s in Newcastle, she says yes. I assume she’s back here for work again, and is bored and horny. Great! I ask her to meet me for a drink at my local in an hour’s time and she replies by texting me her address (which i googled and discovered is a dodgy motel in an outer suburb (fifth red flag)). I just assume that she would feel safer staying at her place. It’s only 10 mins drive from mine so instead of trying to further probe this chick who can’t string a sentence together, i text her that i’ll be there at 9:45pm. She replies “Ok baby” (the ‘baby’s’ are worthy of the sixth red flag i reckon)

I park up and call her – “Hi, which number are you?”. I then hear her conferring with another female, as if she doesn’t know what number apartment it is (seventh red flag). She then says “20 minutes”. I tell her “i’m here now”. She comes outside to her balcony and i see she’s wearing a super short black dress, like ass hanging out short (eighth red flag). She comes downstairs and opens the door for me, then walks straight back up the steps without really acknowledging me (ninth red flag). I follow her upstairs, it’s super warm from the a/c, there’s leftover takeaway chinese food on table, and the  election coverage is on the teli. She is in the doorway of one of the bedrooms talking with her friend (who’s also in a tight black dress). I try to play it cool and sit on the couch. While they are talking, she keeps walking over to the balcony window, peering out into the driveway (tenth, i’m (finally) getting suspicious now). I get up, grab her hand and say “come on, let’s go for a drink now”. She says “No, we have customers now. You wait outside 20 minutes” (pointing to the balcony). 

I finally twigged what was happening; they were both prostitutes. Very strange! I’m guessing she was having a slow night, and she was texting all her ‘leads’. I had so many questions for her, but I couldn’t get out of there soon enough!

As i began walking down the stairs to leave, their two customers had arrived and were walking up. They didn’t make eye contact with me. 


  • It’s really bad ‘whore etiquette’ to not tell someone who’s hitting on you, right?
  • Did she really expect me to wait on their balcony while they serviced two guys? I need a long hot shower after that!
  • I had such few data points to go off – i really needed to get more info off her
  • How do you spot a prostitute? She really didn’t give off ‘pro’ vibes when i met her (nor look like a typical pro), but then again i have zero experience in this area. She never mentioned money either.
  • If it’s too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true. I knew in my gut that there was not enough spark in set for her to make such a bold move like texting me her address without there being some ulterior motive.

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