Basic logistical mistakes from today’s set

Today at the mall I approached the hottest girl I’ve seen for quite some time, just my type – Big boobs, toned legs, soft face. Just finished high school and about to move here from interstate. She was currently sitting down on her own, but I saw her previously walking around with her mum. So straight away I needed to:

  1. Give a false time constraint. You know that mum is gonna come back soon so it’s gonna have to be a quick in and out set. “I’m just about to meet my friend but i saw you and…”
  2. Move the conversation towards a close. There’s 0 possibility of an instant date here. .

Ordinarily I think that this would have been a good daygame set with a fair chance of a close. I threw in some teasing, storytelling, qualification and cold reading. She played along ok but i could tell something was holding her back. The problem was that I failed to address the main issue – her mum is coming back for her any minute now. As you can probably predict, she waited for a break in conversation, pulled her phone out and said “my mum is texting me, i’ve gotta go”, walking away before I could blurt out a flustered request to “hang out another time”. I’m sure this was a complete lie – she was likely super nervous about being seen by her mum with a guy.

Daygame is hard. My goal lately has been to make the sets longer and get the girl to invest more, which is generally a good thing. However it’s not always the right choice, as in this above case.

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